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4 Jan , 2016  

How do you build a company? You have to build length and width…

What is Width? You have to build your company from the middle out to the left and then from the middle out to the right. This means that you start with your expertise, you work hard, and then you expand. Ex: Investor Network started in wholesaling properties (this is our middle point-our foundation). Then we added Flips and Buy and Holds. That is our left…Now we are franchising out into Memphis TN; this is our right.. Investor Network is currently managing $10M in investor’s funds and it’s ever-growing and is now the biggest real estate investment group in Atlanta.

What is length? To be able to have width, there has to be a backbone that grows upwards and downwards..This means that you need a strong backbone of foundation and systems to operate your business. Ex: Investor Network’s downwards growth is envisioned as a root system of a large tree…The more we scale wide, the more employees we plug in, the more technology we use to be efficient, and the more advisors we have in place to keep us with good counsel…When we have the right structure, our roots dig deep so that as we grow, we don’t fall…Our upwards growth is expressed as advancement…Ex: Investor Network needs to always be doing new things to make our company great…We need to go into new markets, create new ideas such as crowdfunding some of our homes, create new technology such asĀ RealtyCabinet.com, and to open the doors to franchises around the nation (look for more IN’s breaking out soon)…Simply, we have to have new things to add value to our expanding business.

If you ever thought about investing but don’t want the hassle of dealing with renters or remodeling, then Investor Network may be for you…Through our various program and our strong and ever-growing company, you can make simple, safe, and secure returns! From flipping, to buy/holds, to wholesales, and owner financed notes, there is something for everyone…

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